NPR Web Story on Mayoral Candidates

This is a questionnaire for a web story for our local NPR affiliate. I hope it goes well! 


1) How old are you?

I am 37 years of age.

2) What is your profession?

I wear a few hats. I own an arts-centric commercial property called The Packing Plant, that houses several galleries, including student-run project spaces, a professor-run exhibition space, and more established commercial galleries. I also recently wrapped up two seasons as a series regular on a sitcom called “Still the King” that aired on CMT, starring Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Lauren Adams. I am a member of SAG, but was also previously a member of the Carpenters Union, having gone through their apprenticeship program after graduate school and doing union carpentry work for 8 years before the TV show.

3) Describe your family (spouse and children)?

I have two cool kids, Zollie Maude (aged 2-½) and Keen Alva (aged 7 months) that are constantly entertaining and a cool wife, who works as a director at Nashville CARES, working on HIV/AIDS support outreach.

4) What is the candidate's campaign schedule (appearances, fundraisers, speeches, etc.)?

Mostly exhausting social media possibilities, I am also participating in several mayoral candidate fora with different non-profits and media outlets. Running a half-assed smart-ass campaign is way more time consuming that I could have imagined, so Im trying to limit my activity to get best bang for the buck, as I also work most of the day as well as work at my warehouse after I put the kids to bed.

5) Can you send a campaign platform summary (about one paragraph)?

The platform has a solid 4-fold approach: Corruption, Hypocrisy, Influence, and Taxes (CHIT)- a platform that has a guaranteed success rate. Corruption- its a pay to play program going to the highest bidder. We might as well open the general funds to the general public. Hypocrisy - make promises, break promises, just claim that your ideas have ‘evolved’ for an easy-out. Influence - who are the men behind the mask? Where is the fountain of eternal dark money? Most of our seasoned politicians can point you the way. Taxes - regressive taxes borne by general public to benefit the private few will occur, but favors will be made to special friends and special interests. Implementation is not contingent on my victory. In fact, because I would be so bad at executing the CHIT program, I am asking my supporters to actively support the more seasoned politicos. I’m just a political newbie who doesn’t know the ropes, but still isn't afraid to get in the ring. If it’s all an act, you might as well go with an actor.

6) Can you provide a headshot of the candidate?

Can do.

7) Do you have a campaign chairperson? If so, what is their name?

8) Do you have a treasurer? If so, what is their name?

An old friend who has tolerated other antics, Dean Shortland has offered up his financial savvy to work as campaign treasurer. I sincerely hope and pray that he has nothing to do and that there are no funds coming in, just as there should be none going out. I’m not the man for the job!