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Re: John Cooper For Nashville "Fireside chat, not friendly fire"

John Cooper <>

Sun, May 12, 3:01 PM

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Hi Jon!

Thank you so much for sending this! I will send the request to John’s scheduler to see if there are any openings available for a chat, but I do know he is trying to do more group meetings than one on one due to time restraints during the campaign. We will be releasing our group chat sessions soon on our website as well as we definitely invite you to come to Gabby’s next Sunday at 12:30! If you have any other requests or questions please feel free to ask me! 

Thanks so much,


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Subject: Fireside chat, not friendly fire

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Hello John & co.,

My name is Jon Sewell. I am also running for Mayor of Nashville. I ran last time on a comedic campaign to raise awareness to different issues  in a humorous way. (the voters chose one of my co-applicants). I intend to do the same this time.. I do not intend to attack any other candidates (except for maybe the occasional jab at the corporate centrist currently in the office)..

I live in the Wedgewood-Houston n'hood in the old railroad-built victorian across the street from Gabbys (ive done several additions that prob throw a few ppl for a loop) and own the arts-centric bldg, known as the Packing Plant (across from Dozen). I am also a former member of the Carpenters Union and a current member of the SAG local (I was a series regular on a CMT show: "Still the King")..

Am i crazy? well sure, if one were to define craziness as a willingness to make themselves vulnerable to the whims of crowd attacks to stand up for what they believe. Thats me!

I met John at Dozen Bakery several months ago and was wondering if we could have a coffee breakfast and then I could give him a nickel tour of my building across the street while delivering my philosophy of increased access and standing up for this town where I grew up.

I think John is a great candidate, so id love to set an hour appt, where we can have a chat and share our visions.