Walk Bike Nashville Mayoral Forum Criteria


Thank you for hosting the first mayoral forum of the season. 

Im a strong advocate for transit solutions and better sidewalks and active in my community to expand both networks, and was wondering what the criteria were that decided who was invited to the forum?


Jon Sewell


Hi Jon,

Thank you for your support for sidewalks and transit. We would love to have you fill out our Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire -- which is attached and at this link. We will be posting these on our website and sending them out to our listserve later this week. 

As for the forum, per the IRS Election Year Issues publication: "Many times, the number of legally qualified candidates for a  particular office is so large that an IRC 501(c)(3) organization may determine that holding a debate to which all legally qualified candidates were invited would be impractical and would not further the educational purposes of the organization"

We felt this was the case given that our forum was only an hour long and covered a wide range of transportation issues. 

The IRS then states that if this is the case a  501(c)(3) can use " adopted reasonable, objective criteria for determining which candidates to invite."

For our forum we used the following criteria

  • Candidate had a functioning campaign website

  • Candidate had appeared in one of the several recent stories by Nashville's major news outlets about the Mayoral race

  • Candidate had raised campaign funds.

There were only four candidates that met that criteria.

Thanks for your interest. 

Nora Kern

Executive Director

Walk Bike Nashville