How would YOU like the money spent?



1: a short letter or note especially a signed voucher of a small debt

2: a small slip of paper with writing on it

NB: The value of your chit will be determined by the campaigns run by the other candidates.

Being that the focus of this campaign is to raise something other than money, the value of the IOU memorandum for voters can only be calculated after the election, once all the candidates’ financial disclosure forms have been filed. In the 2018 special election, estimates for campaign expenditures per voter by the victorious applicant was roughly $10.34. Instead of spending that money chasing a fickle vote, I’m asking for the whim upfront and offering to spend the debt of the empty campaign coffers on the bigger business of Metro, not on the big businesses in it. Please enjoy this thought experiment in participatory budgeting wisely.

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I'm sure that if you've found your way here, there may be more you would want someone to hear.

Please save a copy of this statement as a receipt of preferred financing in the stead of a debt or favor owed in return for a prior loan or favor granted, especially a political favor. As such, it would only be redeemed after Election Day for Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County: August 1, 2019, the wealth of Metro requiring it.