Social Studies

Decriminalization of Drug Use: Marijuana, Mushrooms and more

Decriminalization of Prostitution/Sex Work


End Corporate Welfare

Impact Fees and Adequate Facilities/Development Taxes

Participatory Budgeting

Teach ‘em Well

Universal Pre-K

Human Capital, Infrastructure improvements

Money Talks

Maximum Wage (50:1)

Minimum Wage (Fight for 15 and then some)

Voting Rites

IRV/Ranked Choice

Negative Voting

“None of the Above” options


Free Public Transport

Street Closures (Perm & Temp).

Traffic Calming (Art in the Streets)

Total Streets Programs: Post-car Future made present

BRT: Bus Rapid Transit

Money Walks

Money-Free Campaigns

Municipal Level Campaign Finance Reform: Public Financing, Democracy Vouchers.

Damn the Money. Don’t do it for the money. Do it and Be Damned to the Money.


Reduce Political Recidivism Rates

Expand Term Limits. End Board-Bouncing, also called board-hopping, to allow more citizens the opportunity to input. Increase transparency in appointments.

Tuning Construction Equipment

Women’s Nights Downtown

Mandatory Logic classes in HS

Vehicle Emissions Test sites Re-tooled

Continuous Learning Credits required for elected officials


Campaign Reform Apprenticeship Program

There’s a new way. Others are out there. We can find each other and share the information we are collecting. Our hive mentality buzzing onto their stage but ready to gather, share, disseminate, and pollinate. What are the mechanisms used to determine legitimacy? When do they exclude when they could include? and How do they determine their criteria? Its a dirty job, so why not lend and extend an extra hand and insert ourselves by asserting ourselves. Running a campaign can be quite the pain in the blown raspberry. so why not share the gains?

This project started with one man’s infesto but it represents so much more- the ability to learn from mistakes and share those lessons learned… and share some of the dirty work. After the saddening de-pressing of the mayoral campaign of 2018, the hands were dirty, but its time to stay clean on the facts and utilize a millenia-old tradition of apprenticeship in order to right the ship and write the chit.

Starting with the campaign for Mayor of Nashville in 2019, excreted from the Mayoral campaign of 2018, the CHIT show will include an educational component, allowing the next generation to assist in the tasks and see the hucksters in the muck-masks- the back of (out)house, the backstage with the trap door, the back door with the stage trap, and maybe even meet the mask-makers in costume and wardrobe. With the grit comes the chit, and sometimes you have to hold your nose to get thru the campaign hot-air, so why not share the experience.

The Runs For It City

How-To Video Series: The CHIT Show Tutorial Project

As part of the educational component, we plan to chronicle the journey on the campaign trail and clarify the process by demystifying the procedures in place, not just at teh municipal level but also the interaction with state law. Many of these procedures range from book-making form-filling data entry to human engagement social skills. Who will reach out for contact from the press and government? What will be the nature of these contacts? When are deadlines for turning in the home-work? Why continue to explain your policies if critics dismiss with bias and prejudice? How can unconventional candidates impact the process or be impacted by it?

Please follow us on YouTube where we will host a series of short How-To videos, explaining the process and our experiences along the away.

Expelling Exclusionary End-Runs

Lets wipe it clean. Engagement with critics about the nature of outsider and unconventional candidates should elucidate the back-and-forth. Defend your right to engage the political process, as well as to engage in the political process . Critics from both right, left, lib and everywhere in between will attempt to delegitimize and should be engaged themselves in order to clean properly. An unconventional candidate will often be just as quickly censored by liberal or ‘progressive’ outlets looking for hot takes as conservative outlets with inconsistent editorializing. One must be prepared to engage with critics as well as the political machine they claim to be separate from. There’s a better world that is more consistently inclusive and you have the right to pull up a seat at the table.